Management Seminars

SSA business seminars are designed to help you be as successful and profitable as possible at running your business. This year, we've lined up a series of speakers who will help you to make 2019 a great year to be in the heavy duty vehicle service industry.

Rocky Romanella - Keynote Speaker

Rocky Romanella pulls in audiences with real life stories from an llustrious career spanning nearly 40 years at one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world, UPS, and later as EO & Director for UniTek Global Services, a mid-cap telecommunications solution company. Having led record sales efforts, rapidly building brands and managing teams through difficult restructuring events and developing a culture needed to integrate past acquisitions, he inspires audiences to create a unified company with one vision. Rocky continues to impact top leaders as the Founder and CEO of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in Executive Speaking, Leadership Development and Consulting Services.

Derek Kaufman - Future Trends

Derek Kaufman is one of the managing partners of Schwartz Advisors, a company dedicated to providing management expertise to the vehicle aftermarket in North America. With over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry in a variety of roles ranging from engineering to management to entrepreneurial ventures, Derek possesses unique insights into the state of our industry and some of the directions it's headed towards. He's the former VP of Marketing and Product Planning for Freightliner Trucks, the former President of Diesel Technology, Sr VP of Hino Trucks and CEO of Mission Motors.

Erica L. Eversman, J.D. - Shop Liabilities and the Law

Erica the Chief Counsel for  AutoMuse and a premier legal authority in the vehicle industry. If you've ever had an insurance company or a fleet try to dial back the repairs you're recommending for a vehicle, have you ever wondered where the liability for the repair begins and ends? So they won't pay for the repair you've recommended. Fine. But if anything goes wrong afterward, it's their responsibility, right? Maybe, maybe not. Erica will help you to understand where the law places the responsibility and how to protect your business. This is a talk you won't want to miss.

John White - Mr. Air Brakes

Back by popular request, John is probably one of the foremost experts on air brakes in the industry. With over 30 years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repair, John is certified as a "Qualified Brake Instructor" as provided by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. He has trained hundreds of technicians, law enforcement officers, fleet managers and maintenance providers and provides expert witness testimony and litigation support in legal cases involving commercial motor vehicles. He'll talk to us about servicing air brakes and how to properly document your work to reduce your liabilities.

Don Jones - "OSHA - Are You Prepared for an Audit?"

Most of us already know Don as he once served as the President of our organization. He sold his business a few years back, but he continues to consult, lecture and involve himself in industry affairs including serving as a judge in TMC's annual SuperTech competition. One of the areas he has been specially active in lately is helping shops to understand and comply with current OSHA regulations. His presentation is chocked full of valuable information. You'll want to pay close attention.


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